Our Story

A tale as old as time

Once upon a time, a mother taught her daughter everything she knew and loved. For over a decade, they laughed and loved and created handmade products they never knew were even possible. With their Keralite roots ever present in everything they created - all while cherishing their creations as hobbies that they were happy to gift to loved ones! The family began to participate in exhibitions and fleas, all in the name of a fun activity to do together!

Little did mamma know..

her little one had started loving the transition from the candles mamma had been making to soaps and butters while studying design - She actually started loving skincare! The same girl who would never apply any creams or comb her hair, who ran away from lipsticks suddenly started caring about serums and lotions and exfoliating regularly.

The hobby which started in 1998

where the mamma loved making candles soon became a business in 2013, with bath - body & beauty additions, established as a proprietorship in the lil ones name. Mamma didn't know how much her hobby, value for quality, and love for beauty products would impact her lil one - So much so, she even studied cosmetology to learn more about skin and how to care for it!

Hello World, I'm Sreesha Maria John

the lil one who Mamma taught everything she knew, and this is just the beginning. Donné means 'to give' or 'given' and that's exactly what Momi gave me, and I hope to give you all - a new take, and fresh vision on what was, what should have been, and how we're happy to bridge the gap in between. From the OG Donna, to the millenial Ingenue, we've got you covered 🙌🏼

Welcome to the world of Donné.