Why Evil Eye?

Why Evil Eye?

Another quirk about us, this 2023, we're all about the Evil Eye!  🧿

Well, not just this year, we've been about it and still about it, to quote Drake. But in our trip to 🇰🇷, something else caught our eye (not trying to be punny, swear!) so much so, we even 'grammed about it! Check out the reel below! 👇🏽

Superstition in Korea, rooted in Korean shamanism, still exists in many parts of Korean life, along with their antidotes - 

‘Bujeok’ and ‘Pujok’ - If you’ve seen The Glory - you know what we’re talking about! Yellow paper talismans inscribed with red ink to ward off bad luck and to bring good luck, fortune and auspiciousness, which sounded awfully familiar... I wear the evil eye myself around my ankles and have done so since 2017 😨 Was this their version of nazar repellants? 🤯

The eye that's always watching 🧿
Not to be mistaken for the Big Boss eye, though the metaphor fits to a T! 🤷‍♀️

Nazar, Matiasma, Vaskania, malevolent gaze, from the Eye of Horus to the writings of Plutarch in Classical Era in Ancient Greece the Evil Eye - Roman, Grecian, Turkish, the origins are many, and the hold of this talisman has stayed strong through 8000 years, down to the emojis on your screen!
They say the Light Blue signifies the colour of the sky – symbolizes truth and therefore it provides direct protection against the evil eye, while the dark blue colour symbolizes water as it is a universal solvent

And THAT is how we met the first theme to launch Donné World, from packaging, to energised candles, the product theme of protection from various Indian skin problems to the affirmations along with the candles - It's a theme!

Who's worried about nazar when you're holding an evil eye in your hands! 🙌🏼 We challenge ourselves to build a new theme each year and try to get bigger and better - but only with YOU.

So this year, nazar na lage? 😉

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