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Bare Scentuals Gift Set

Bare Scentuals Gift Set

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Bare Scentuals - A bare essential for the candle lovers out there - A gift set that brings fragranced candles and DIY all together! Love candles? Turn anything into a candle with these reusable, soot-free, and refillable wax pearls and never throw away another container! The limit? Only your imagination! That vase you never use, the cute bowls you got last year - turn them into a fragrant delight with pearl wax which are still usable after you’re done! Also available with an electric lighter that'll make all your candle moods oh-so-easier.

Burn Time: About 60 hours totally

How to Use

Fill in the empty container with as many beads as you'd like (Pro tip - can even float!) add in a wick (Note that the ideal wick depth is 1/4th of an inch visible) and light the wick with the electric lighter, and enjoy! But be sure to keep your DIY Candle away from flammable objects or anything that might catch fire, and keep away from children.


Citron Care - Fresh | Citrusy | Minty

Plain Jane - Vanilla | Classic | Deep | Woody

Fresh Blossoms - Fresh | Floral | Grassy

Noir - Sensual | Musky | Exotic

Very Berry - Fruity | Tropical | Sweet

Flirty Floral - Floral | Strong | Woody

Sugar Rush - Confectionary | Sweet | Spicy

  • Natural Ingredients
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Freshly made to order for YOU
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