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Express - Candle for Creativity

Express - Candle for Creativity

Energised with Reiki to fuel your creativity and to express yourself

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Can’t seem to make up your mind about which fragrance might be right for you? Try this discovery set of 4 fragrances with Express! This baby is Reiki charged for Creativity and it shows! Featuring 4 layers of scented wax - this one's a discovery set of it's own with each layer scented with its signature fragrance! made with our signature para-soy blend of 5 waxes and glitter at the top. Minimal with the embellishments, but maxed out with intentions and fragrance blasts to suit your creative zones, Express yourself and your vibe with this candle! 

Burn Time: 70 hours

How to Use

Unwrap your candle, naturally, and make sure to trim your wicks to 1/4" at all times! Our candles are like wine, the longer you keep them, the more the wax cures and makes the fragrance stronger. But be sure to keep your Express away from flammable objects or anything that might catch fire, and keep away from children.


Creativity & Expression

  • I love and care for my body and it cares for me.
  • My life is filled with health and happiness.
  • I can manifest joy and healing.
  • It is time to move ahead to discover the purpose of my existence, and own my truth.
  • The more I let go, the more I enjoy it.

Royal Blue - Flirty Floral - Floral | Strong | Woody

Sky Blue - Plain Jane - Vanilla | Classic | Deep | Woody

White - Citron Care - Fresh | Citrusy | Minty

Black - Noir - Sensual | Musky | Exotic

  • Hand Poured
  • Reiki Charged
  • Highly Aromatic
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